The Golden Pig – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

The Golden Pig

Zibello: Rare, exotic, distinctive. We used only the most precious and finely sourced fruits in our arsenal to create this flavor. Yubari King melon and luscious mango, and exotic fruit create an immaculate vape. From start to finish, we are sure you will fall in love with Zibello.

Mangalista: Constructed around velvety, rich, delicious cake infused with Madagascar vanilla and paired with sweet and subtle marshmallow fluff. These two ingredients - united together - will take you on an delightful journey with the world’s most perfect vape.

Iberico: From surprise to magic, from magic to enchantment, Iberia will lead your tastebuds on a dream cloud. Crisp Cortland apples resonate right through the notes of oatmeal cookie and finishes with a buttery drizzle.