Solace Salts – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

Solace Salts

Butterscotch: Sweet and salty caramel flavor and it's exquisite texture. It's designed to be smooth and delectable with every inhale.

Creamy Tobacco: Smooth and rich crisp flavoring and creamy tobacco.

Dragonthol: Dragonfruit menthol peach mango.

Strawberry Hard Candy: Fusion of fresh strawberries and sweet jawbreaker candy flavoring, this dynamic flavor will give you that irresistable jolt of euphoria with every exhale.

Peppermint Patty: Minty and refreshing mouth watering pepper mint patty.

Neked Prach Rings: Sugar coated sour candy that everyone loves!

Jefe: A strong tobacco flavor for those classic tobacco lovers.

Vanilla Bean: Creamy and sweet flavor reminiscent of a cool summer day or evening.