So Yum – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

So Yum

Banzai (bon-zye): Tasty melon make you feel so refreshing. Just like sweet cantaloupe with gummy yum candy. You get this flavor and feel so happy like dancing. 

Yoisho (yoy-show): Taste of pineapple so good. Full flavor! Much pineapples! Three different: Sugarloaf, Queen, and Red Spanish make this vape number one fruit!

Shibui (she-boo-ee): At fruit stand so many sweet kinds of taste! Kiwi. Apple. Asian Pear very delightflul. You tray and love very much!!

Kaizen (kye-zen): Just like yummy donut from bakeshop! Toppings like coffee, toasted almond, chocolate drizzle. Make smiles and say yum!