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Rich People Water Luxury E-Liquid

Lewis Vitan: Did you know in Japan there are melons that sell for $23,500 a pair and farmers put hats on them to prevent overexposure from the sun? We used those. We were feeling generous so we even put in Senbikiya Queen Strawberries. Haven't heard of them? Figures. Anyway, We added fresh cream from the same cows used for Kobe beef. Welcome to the 1%.

Prah Duh: Imported peaches from the highest mountains in Spain. Only the sweetest Valencia Oranges. We throw the semi-sweet ones away. We had so much money left over that we decided to add Greek Yogurt made from Zeus himself.

Goochie: Remember those summers when everyone would take off to the Maldives and party the night away on the mega yacht and the hired help would bring us those blended fruit punch drinks in Pineapples with the little umbrellas? Oh, that's right, we forgot who we're talking to. Taste the good life. You're welcome.