Ninja Sauce – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

Ninja Sauce

Katana: Ripe Watermelon, Strawberries, and Kiwi perfectly blended together like the folded metal of a Samurai's blade. Katana will cut to your palette, one smooth vape to the next.

Kunai: Pear overtones with an ancient mixture of Japanese berries, only the "chosen one" will be able to handle all the flavor from this dagger.

Shuriken: Fresh out the oven Banana bread cut with the sharpest Ninja wit, flirts of cinnamon fill the air as you dodge the vapor trail of the Shuriken.

Yakuza: Enjoy the good life of the underworld with bits of lemon/lime, grape, and other bountiful fruits. Being the boss tastes good, but cross the Yakuza and your vape experience will be limited.

Dim Mak: Better known as the Five Point Exploding Heart Technique, this Peach Hibiscus White Tea will hit your five senses, but it's up to your heart if you can survive the legendary Dim Mak.

Kakute: Mango peach and pear come together to pierce your taste buds like the three claws of this discreet ninja ring. 

Fukiya: Lush Strawberries and a crisp Fuji apple come together to form a piercing dart of flavor. In skilled hands the Fukiya could hit targets with grace and precision just like this vape will hit your taste buds.