Lavish Elixir – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

Lavish Elixir

Jetsetter: This elegant creamy Strawberry, Mango, and Guava mix will awaken your tastebuds and have you craving for more of this extravagant everyday vape juice. 

Swanky: This mouthwatering Watermelon, Kiwi, Peach flavor will wake your senses up with the fresh fruits picked and ripened to perfection to give you that great sweet and tangy taste.

First Class: This candy Apple is dipped into warm Caramel and then mixed around in crushed Graham Crackers, which will give you a smooth and sweet mouthwatering taste that will make you feel Classy. (Just like a Caramel Apple Pop)

A-List: This is a reminiscent of a Cinnabon Cinnamon roll chased down with a glass of Horchata, to give you that sweet and delicate flavorful delightness. 

Pristine: This exotic mixture of Dragonfruit, Guava, and Papaya makes you feel like you are on a vacation in the Hawaiians Islands.