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Hot Sauce

Captain Save A: A light & refreshing flavor with the harmonious balance of the bright crispness of tropical fruits and fresh pineapple

Hella: Donuts have been engineered to creep into your innermost thoughts and make you crave their rich sweetness. This flavor is HELLA donut, all day!

On Mommas: This blend of mixed fruit is fresh, bright, and lively; followed by a smooth cream that is easy on the palate. Wonderful and flavorful, On Mommas is worthy of being your next All Day Vape

Yadidimean: Elegant and refined, with layers of unfolding flavor - notes of rich, toasted coffee beans and smooth, sweet, milky cream

Yeeeeee!: This elegant flavor promises a soft blend of ripe fruits with a hint of tartness. A truly pleasing vape that delivers from beginning to end