Hella Dead Starter Pack

Hella Dead Starter Pack

Hella Dead may look nightmarish but these flavors are what you've been dreaming of! Included with starter pack you will get crisp apples, freshly baked banana bread with salted caramel, and ripe melon and strawberries.

Creepers: (1x 0mg / 4x 3mg / 3x 6mg) So good you'll want to bite your best friend's face off. Sweet and tart brains infused with wild berries and crisp apples.

Walkers: (1x 0mg / 4x 3mg / 3x 6mg) I would push you in front of zombies to save this juice. Banana bread drizzled with salted caramel and brown sugar icing. Enough said.

Roamers: (1x 0mg / 4x 3mg / 3x 6mg) You don't have to be the fastest runner when the zombie apocalypse happens. You just have to be faster than your friends. Get a head start with the refreshing blend of melons and Pandora strawberries.

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