Farmers Market – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

Farmers Market

Grapefruit: The only thing better than starting your day with a tasty, refreshing grapefruit is starting it with one bought fresh that morning from the local farmers market. Like your local farmer we’ve put our time, and love into picking the perfect ingredients, flavors, and nicotine best suited to deliver you a grapefruit vape that’s so realistic you might try to cut the bottle in half and eat it with a spoon at the breakfast table.  (Warning: do not cut or eat bottle)

Kool Mango Orange: It’s summertime, and the sun is scorching hot.  You need something kool to quench your thirst.  You see the farmers market in the distance, an oasis from the heat.  Handpicked that morning, oranges and mangoes, squeezed into a glass right before your eyes.  Iced to perfection, a refreshingly crisp nectar that washes your problems away.  We want you to feel that kool whenever you vape our Kool Mango Orange flavor, summer, spring, winter, or fall…Enjoy!

POG: Tropical fruits so full of flavor it’d almost be dangerous to mix them together.  Which is exactly why we’ve mashed all three fruits into one!  Every bottle of POG is so juicy it’s practically bursting at the seams with fresh, fruity goodness!  Through many taste tests, our team at Farmers Market developed the perfect blend of Pineapple, Orange, and Guava to create a mind-blowingly, mouthwateringly tasty fruit juice vape experience.