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Elysian Elixirs

Ambrosia: The delicious healing dessert of the gods, is a cinnamon strudel cupcake.

Apollo: The breath taking power of Apollo's sunshine a summery pineapple guava blend.

Artemis: The goddess of the moon brings you a luscious bled of lychee and strawberry with undertones of creamy pears.

Bacchus: A tricky candy grape with a refreshing exhale of cranberry fit for the god of wine.

Baldr: Raspberry Marshmallow the best offering for the norse god of beauty.

Pandora: Open up this bottle and you will release a succulent mixture of banana, with hints of orange and pineapple.

Mjolnir:The Hammer of Thor brings you a spicy chai tea latte.

Skadi: This goddess brings you a mountain of flavor in a bottle. a fruit melody with a lemon finish and a delicate mix of milk and cream.