Electric Lotus – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

Electric Lotus

Compressor: An all-day everyday dream, composed of a proprietary apple butter with hints of graham cracker, butterscotch with a cinnamon toast crunch finish!

Decibel: A delicious peanut butter cookie with hints of red velvet.

Equalizer: Lemon meringue, creme Brule cheesecake.

Fader: A connoisseur favorite containing a delicate blend of French vanilla, brown sugar butterscotch, cookie dough, and a hint of chocolate mint pistachio!

Frequency: Lemon cinnamon Danish with a buttery Oreo pie crust.

Harmony: A strawberry birthday cake pop.

Remix: A blueberry Belgian waffle with Dutch apples, glazed in a cinnamon brown sugar.

Vibration: A triple vanilla custard, with butter scotch, and a toasted almond amaretto cream.