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DripStar Vapor

Politically Correct: It's entirely up to you to decide whether or not this label makes a statement and what that statement might be. Regardless of what you decide, we are sure you will love this satisfying watermelon menthol. 

Monica's Melody: She is beautiful, gentle and eager to share her mix of honeydew and marshmallow blended together in perfect harmony just for you. *The liquid is formally known as Virgin Cleavage*

Krispy Hippie: You don't have to be krispy to enjoy this deliciously sweet krispy rice treat. Grab your vape, put on some soft listening music and enjoy as your munchies disappear.

Buddha Spit: We traveled back in time to Nepal in the year 532 BC and asked Buddha what the greatest flavor to vape would be. He spits. We collected the sample, cloned the flavor and made this creamy fruit mix available to you.

Unicorn Poop: Ever wonder what it would be like to grab a spoon and eat the @$$ out of the most popular mythical creature of all time? If you have, you may need to seek medical attention. Our guess is that it probably doesn't taste as good as this juice which is a delicious rainbow sherbet.

Johnny Waffles: He has an attitude, a temper and ain't curious about nothing. He is Johnny Waffles and he wants to share his special waffle recipe with you! Prepare yourself for a flavor explosion of bananas, cream, and Belgium waffles.

Bad Hare Day: The ultimate vanilla custard dessert vape has arrived and has every bunny running scared...and for good reason. Every time you vape this a bunny dies.

La Cucaracha: This is Bob. Bob is a cockroach. Bob can't walk anymore because he's missing a hind leg. Bob just sits around all day playing his maracas and drinking strawberry horchata. We like Bob so much we made his favorite drink into a liquid. Bob says "You're welcome."

City Slicker: Saddle up partner and get ready for a ride your tastebuds won't soon forget. This is a deliciously warm and gooey orange glazed cinnamon roll that's sure to satisfy your sweet cravings.