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Dr. Shugar Chitz

THE RAZZ by Dr. ShugarChitz is the Creamy Poop of a Mystic Raspberry.  Totally Clean, Totally Cool & Soft-Served straight from a Berry's sweet rear. Every hit is a Spewing Mouthful of Dr. ShugarChitz glistening Chits and tastes like a Sugar fairy farted in your mouth!

HONEYDOODOO is the magical puke of a mystical Honey Dew Monster. Smooth, creamy & overwhelmingly fruity, with a refreshing flavor that is impossible to put down…seriously try to put it down, you can’t do it!

THE B’RAZZ! Born as the twin brother of the RAZZ, THE B’RAZZ! always in the shadow of his brother’s tasty Chitz, lived with flavor dysphoria until he underwent fructose replacement therapy and an intense flavor reassignment surgery. On that day THE B’RAZZ! was born… her mystical turds every bit as cool and clean as The RAZZ! with a Blue Raspberry twist that will blow your f$cking mind!

THE RAZZ! CHILLED is An all day Raspberry candy Menthol e-liquid brought to you by Dr. Shugar Chitz. THE RAZZ! CHILLED is the creamy poop of a mystic raspberry frozen in ice by the evil Dr. Frosty Chitz. Clean, cooler & soft-served straight from a frozen raspberry’s sweet rear. The flavor is delightful as if a sugar Ice fairy farted in your mouth. THE RAZZ! is a delightful and flavorful vape that will keep you cold on a hot summer day.

THE B’RAZZ! CHILLED Born as the twin brother of the RAZZ, THE B’RAZZ! the transgendered broth..or sister of THE RAZZ! found herself frozen by the Evil Dr. Frosty Chitz. Her mystical Frozen turds became life-Changing flavorful clouds of vape with a CHILLED Blue Raspberry twist that will freeze your f$cking mind!