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Cali Steam

Cali Milk: We just can’t get enough of this delicious blend of freshly picked strawberries and milky custard, made in California…and we all know where happy cows come from.

Pearadise: Stay-cation or vacation, you can always find paradise with this hybrid fruit flavored vape. A blend of yummy pears and exotic fruits is fresh for all seasons. Get your one-way ticket to Pearadise!

Crazy Toucan: Follow your senses to this familiar breakfast flavor of fruity circles and milky goodness. Everyone needs a balanced breakfast as well as a balanced all day vape. Spot on & delicious…but I ain’t doin' the dishes!

Cali Girls: Drip it, vape it, love it! Join the endless summer party with this juicy watermelon, hard candy vape. Cali Girls will keep your mouth watering for more.

TropiCali: Vape a fruit-tastic blend in TropiCali. A unique mix of pomegranate, fresh kiwi-strawberry and splashes of other juicy fruits is pure vape satisfaction. Kick back, relax and vape on.

Cinnaswirl: Vape in a world of sweet cinnamon buns drizzled with creamy icing. This decadent flavor fresh out of the oven is dee-licious.

Brain Freeze: Frozen ice blocks of sweet cherry, zingy lemon, and blue raspberry is well worth the Brain Freeze. It’s time to chill out! Inhale and exhale this refreshing iconic ice pop trio.

Razzle Pop: (30ml ONLY)  Get your satisfaction on with this lip smackin’ kiwi-strawberry sucker. Who knew vaping could be this good!

Steam Whip: (30ml ONLY) Creamy, steamy and delicious, whipped cream and pineapple is a perfect all day vape.

Carnival: (30ml ONLY) Ferris wheels and fried foods are the hippest friends of this hard candy green apple flavor. Keep your taste buds entertained all day.

Donut Time: (30ml ONLY) A hot n’ ready chocolate glazed donut filled with whipped cream, drizzled with raspberry. You know what time it is!