Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid – Liquid Lineup Wholesale

Cafe Racer Craft E-Liquid

Lucky 13: (30ml/60ml) Our award winning take on the classic RY4 style featuring Creamy Vanilla, Toasted Almond, and Caramel topped off with just the right amount of smooth Tobacco finish. Pairs great with your favorite IPA or other craft beer.  Winner of Best in Show at Vape Summit IV for Tobacco Flavor. 

Lucky Bastard: (30ml/60ml) Lucky Bastard is everything you love about our award winning Lucky 13 but with double the smooth tobacco finish creating a bolder, richer more buttery extra RY4 flavor profile guaranteed to deliver the best tobacco vape experience of its kind. 

Lucky X: (30ml ONLY) Sophistication and freshness were taken into consideration when making this delicious all day vape. The freshness of the raspberries is balanced with a crisp bite of pistachio and a whiff of smooth tobacco makes the flavors pop and you wanting more.

Croissant: (30ml ONLY) Flaky, buttery pastry dough filled with almond cream and dark Belgian chocolate topped with a dusting of powdered sugar.  One of the most unique and sophisticated dessert vapes available.

Peach Guzzi: (30ml ONLY) A rich blend of Crisp Peach and sweet Blueberries drizzled in a Vanilla Custard with Green Tea undertones. A refreshing summertime all day vape and one of our long time best sellers.

Yogurt Bomb: (30ml ONLY) Delicious creamy Yogurt infused with Mango, Guava and a dash of Tangerine for the perfect blend of sweet and tart. Join the #YogurtBombSquad and stock up on some today. 

Cool Bastard: (60ml ONLY) Everything you love about our award winning Lucky 13 and Lucky Bastard with crisp menthol added to deliver the coolest tobacco vape experience of its kind.