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ANML Unleashed

Wolfpack: Rich, ripened sweet raspberry.

Thrasher: A delicious orange and white, half-peach, half-cream gummy candies and it delivers with extraordinary class.

Beast: A decadent and creamy pudding with just the right amount of fresh banana on top.

Grizzly: This one is a no-brainer: It's a raging good chocolate chip cookie with fresh milk flavor.

Reaver: This new tropical smoothie flavor will refresh your face off with bold strawberries and pineapples, fresh coconut, and indulgent cream.

Slash: The roaring lemon in this delectable offering is perfectly subdued with a delicious and silky vanilla custard, and a mouthwatering hint of graham crust ties it all together with perfection.

Aero: an elegant balance of crisp, fried funnel cake and sweet strawberry marmalade-flavors replicated so exquisitely you'll recognize them immediately-and it's finished with just the right amount of powdered sugar to sweeten the deal.