Ohm Starter Pack

Ohm Starter Pack

Ohm provides flavors so tasty you'd think they were made by the Gods themselves. Included in this starter pack are kiwi berry blends, fruity pebbles, pink lemonade, and more!

Brahm: (1x 0mg / 3x 3mg / 2x 6mg) He basically created the cosmos and all the beings but rumor has it that he did this all while eating kiwis and berries.

Vish: (1x 0mg / 3x 3mg / 2x 6mg) Since he's always encouraging us to show kindness to others, it only makes sense that he'd give us some of his butter pecan pound cake. That's so vish.

Shiv: (1x 0mg / 3x 3mg / 2x 6mg) A fruity pebbles and milk mix that will totes destroy your taste buds. Good lookin' Shiv, not bad for a destroyer.

Krish: (1x 0mg / 3x 3mg / 2x 6mg) When he's not lifting mountains or swallowing forest fires you can find him under his favorite peach tree, eating watermelon and all his favorite fruits.

Nesh: (1x 0mg / 3x 3mg / 2x 6mg) Spreading good fortune is his thing, so sit back and enjoy some watermelon pink lemonade and relish in your new found wisdom.

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