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Charlie's Chalk Dust

Mustache Milk: I “mustache you a question” Milk and cereal go hand in hand. No matter who, what or where you are. A bowl, any bowl of cereal in milk is always the right answer.

Dream Cream: Smooth vanilla cream with a spicy hint of cinnamon and swirls of fudge drizzling down the middle.

Head Bangin Boogie: Tropical blueberry burst of flavor that makes me want to…”Put on my my my my my boogie shoes, and boogie with you!"

Wonder Worm: Reminds the senses of movie theater sweet tarts with wiggly squiggly gummy worms. A combination eliquid that sends the mind back in time to a place where “sweet" and “tart" were “wonder” full!

Big Belly Jelly: Imagine taking a hard-square sweet watermelon candy along with a tart blueberry jelly bean and just letting them melt on your tongue. Fabulous!

Jam Rock: Green sour apple inside, sweet candy coating outside. This vape will make your mouth water with its tartness and smile with its sweetness.

Slamberry: Tastes like fresh red strawberries ripened on the vine and mixed with sweet homemade ice-cream. A creamy strawberry ejuice shake... no blender necessary.