What's Up with Nicotine Salt?

Posted by Isabella Brown on

One of the newest and biggest trends in vaping right now is salt nic juices, but is it more than just a trend? While not everyone who vapes is looking to supplement smoking, a majority of vapers prefer their juices with varying nicotine strengths and may find themselves switching from traditional freebase nicotine based juices to the salt nic variety. 

Nicotine salts form naturally in leaf tobacco and are considered a more stable form of nicotine than freebase. One of the big claims in terms of benifits is quicker absorption. Nicotine salts seem to provide vapers with better nicotine blood absorption, which means they will receive a nicotine fix more quickly and longer lasting when they vape with an e-juice that contains nicotine salts in it as opposed to freebase nicotine.

Something you need to know before making the switch is vaping salt nic juies is not the same as vaping traditional e-liquids. Salt nic is not compatible with high wattage box mods and sub ohm tank setups due to the high nicotine strengths. These liquids are best suited for lower powered, pod style devices.

The big advantage here is for newer vapers, who will both benefit from the more efficient nicotine absorption and the fact that you don’t need overly complicated gear to get the most from it. If you have a higher-power device, you can also get nicotine salt e-liquid in lower nicotine levels too. Whether these are actually noticeably better than ordinary freebase nicotine e-juice at the same nicotine level is unclear, because one of the big benefits of using nicotine salts is that higher nicotine levels can be comfortably vaped.

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