Curious About Cloud Chasing?

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As vaping has gained staggering popularity it was no surprise that it has evolved into a sport of its own. If you’re unfamiliar of what cloud chasing is, it is essentially competitive vaping – the goal is to see who can create the biggest clouds of vapor possible. Competitions are held across the nation with hundreds of participants and prizes ranging from gear and hardware to huge cash rewards. While cloud chasing might seem like no big deal, there can be serious repercussions associated with not doing your research when it comes to battery safety

There are also key factors which should be addressed if you’re looking to take part in cloud chasing competitions or if you’re interested in creating bigger clouds for your own amusement.

  • Battery Safety: Use the safest possible batteries possible – research is NECESSARY.
  • Airflow: Too much can thin out your vapor clouds. The lower the resistance, the more airflow needed.
  • Juice: The higher the VG content, the thicker your vapor clouds will be.
  • Mod: The right mod is important for powering these extremely low-resistance coil-builds.
  • Atomizer: For competitive Cloud Chasing, an RDA is a must.
  • Body Posture/Technique Takes months to perfect, just like any “smoke trick”.
  • Wicking: Very important factor in allowing the juice and air to flow to your coils.
  • Build: Different builds will affect vapor production, the lower the resistance, the bigger the cloud.

Check out Rip Trippers’ Cloud Chasing 101 series on YouTube for more information. 

Cloud Chasing can be a lot of fun if properly executed and a great way to meet new people within the vaping community, it also does not come without its risks. Do not attempt cloud chasing before doing your research – there are countless resources available. Have fun and vape safely.

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